Nigeria: General Elections 2019
Countdown to Saturday, 23 February 2019, 08:00:00 (Lagos time)


The following documents are available for download from the Commission:

Report of the Committee to Investigate Allegations of Under-Aged Voting using INEC Voter Register in the Kano State Local Government Election of 10th February, 2018

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), conscious of the foundational role of a credible Register of Voters in all elections and mindful of the outrage caused by the alleged voting by under-aged persons using the national register in the Local Government elections held in Kano State on 10th February 201 []...

Application Form for Election Observers
Communication Policy/Strategy for INEC
INEC Strategic Plan 2017-2021

This strategic plan was developed following a comprehensive review of the Strategic Plan 2012- 2016. It is a blueprint designed to help the Commission to develop a pragmatic roadmap that will serve as a practical guide for its work in the next five years. The process of developing the strategy included a comprehensiv []...

2017-2021 Strategic Programme of Action

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